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It’s a Christmas miracle! Kurt and Blaine will reunite in ‘Glee’s’ Christmas themed episode on Dec. 13. Hallelujah!

Glee creator Ryan Murphy promised his Twitter followers that there will be a holiday duet for estranged lovers Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) in the show’s Christmas episode, “Glee, Actually,” on Dec. 13. If that wasn’t enough to excite Klaine fans, Chris tweeted a photo of him and Darren ice skating at the Bryant Park rink in midtown Manhattan.

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Jesse Eisenberg

Okay it’s been a while since I wrote a new blog, and like I said my blogs will be quite random. So my new blog will be about one man and one man only…

If you’re stupid and you don’t know, this is Jesse Eisenberg, probably one of the best actors ever. He is also the sweetest, hottest, and coolest guys in the world and I am seriously in love. Like, unhealthily. Since I saw The Social Network, I have watched literally every interview, downloaded every picture, and read every ounce of trivia that concerns him. And here comes … a countdown…..


1. Obviously, he’s an extremely gifted actor and he is very devoted to his talent.

2. He’s Jewish. I’m Christian. Jews and Christians are similar.

3. Him!!! He’s GORGEOUS!!! From his beautiful curly hair, to his… feet (idk!) His eyes look like the sky and the ocean made a baby, he has style, and even though he doesn’t look like it, this guy is SCULPTED.

3. He is so genuine. I just watched an interview about the 2011 SAG Awards (told you: Addiction!) and the reporters asked various actors what their Facebook status would say if they were on Facebook right now. Sure enough everyone said “This is great”, “love talking to the celebs”, “having a great time”, but Jesse said “Well, I don’t have Facebook so my post would probably be an introductory message.” Honestly, who wold seriously say that? Anyone else would say “SAG Awards rock!” but Jesse is just that real.

4. He likes cats. I’m not a huge fan but he adopts and takes care of them!

5. He’s not embarrassed to say stuff about himself. His mom was a birthday party clown and he is totally open about that. He actually laughs about it and goes along with it, so it’s not just waiting to be busted open by The Examiner, or something.

6. Some girls (me) like the type of guys that sit around in coffee shops, reading fine literature, and Jesse comes across to me as one of those guys. And if I met him in person and became friends with him (PLEASE GOD), he would be the first person I would go to if it was like 2 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. Knowing him he’d probably take me to a 24 hour coffee and we’d converse till dawn (Ahhh. I wish).

7. He is soooo funny! His humor is so dry and he can tell the funniest joke and not crack a smile. LOVE THAT!

8. That dimple in his (left) cheek:)

9. He’s so innocent, he’s like a little kid. He doesn’t own a TV, doesn’t go to movies, and doesn’t have a Facebook, or Twitter. He said once that the scariest movie he ever watched was … um, an adult film (Which was shown to him when he was like 14, by an older student, mind you.) Jesse said that he was scared for weeks.

10. He is a geek. But he’s a hot geek. In every interview, instead of taking up the whole couch like a pretentious jerk, he’s fidgeting, stroking the chair, and looking down at the ground. That’s what really gets the girls. He’s so self-effacing, and he doesn’t even realize his gorgeousness. His eyes are piercingly blue, and the rare moments that he smiles, it’s like the heavens have opened up. He’s so sweet and sad and shy, you just wanna give him a hug.

So hands down, Jesse Eisenberg is definitely a force to be reckoned with and, from my teenage girl perspective, totally adorable.

Please comment, rate, whatever and thanks for reading!


Yeah this is my first blog post and I’m pretty excited so….. yup.

Most of my blogs are gonna be about random stuff and this one’s gonna be about stuff I hate … here goes it.


  • I hate people who won’t do stuff when you tell them to. Like if your reading or trying to focus on something and this annoying person is talking and you tell them to SHUT UP so you can think and they KEEP TALKING. Oh god, I hate that.
  • I hate pop songs that basically consist of five words repeated over and over and over over a fast beat. ATTENTION MUSIC PRODUCERS: MAKE SENSE IN YOUR MUSIC!
  • When I’m watching a cooking show or Cake Boss or something and they’re making this delicious cake with chocolate and chocolate shavings and caramel and whipped cream and all this good stuff then they add STRAWBERRIES or some other fruit and completely RUINS the dessert! That is completely disgusting to me.
  • When I take a shower with shower gel and I’m rinsing myself off and I CAN FEEL the residue of the slippery soap on me…. Ohhh I hate that.
  • Bandwagon people: Like they love the Lakers until the Bulls beat them then they’re Bulls fans. Gosh just pick one!!!
  • Hipsters. Do I really need to explain?
  • When people make fun of my size and say I’m short.
  • When I’m watching TV shows, and everything conveniently happens for them and they save the day! HA! Yeah right.
  • When you’re whispering to your friend and he whispers to you and you don’t wanna tell him to speak up so you just nod your head and smile like they know what you’re saying. Like let’s say I tell my friend that my mom died that morning and they’re like “yeah I know right”. LISTEN GENIUS.

And that concludes things I hate. Of course there’s more stuff but I think they have a size limit so…. yeah. Comments are wanted and feel free to tell me about stuff you hate.

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